PDF (Portable Document Format) is file format which is completely Independent of any application Software or hardware or any OS platform. Here we will tell you the Best FREE PDF to Word Online Converter through which you can convert PDF to Word or editable text easily. Generally, We can’t edit PDF file or any other operation on the content of file having PDF format.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to get the editable PDF or we can say Word/Text file for our official/personal work. We searched a lot and come out with Three(3) Best Method to convert PDF file to Word File. Two Methods are shared above.

In this Article, we will see Method No.1: Best 6 Free PDF to Word Online Converter which allows you to convert PDF to Word FREE without any registration and you will also not need to provide your Email Id.

Let’s take a look on these 6 Free online converters:-

1. ConvertPdfToWord.org
2. ConvertOnlineFree.com
3. ConvertMyPdfToWord.com
4. ConvertPdftoWord.net
5. Pdf2Doc.com
6. Pdfonline.com

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Watch Video Tutorial Here

To convert pdf to word in all these websites, you have to do 3 Steps:

Step 1: Visit the Website & Upload PDF File
Step 2: Click on Convert Button
Step 3: Click on Download

For every website, steps & other information are also explained using GIF Image. So, take a look at all the Image once to get other information also.

1. ConvertPdfToWord.org

best free pdf to word online converter

2. ConvertOnlineFree.com

best free pdf to word online converter

3. ConvertMyPdfToWord.com

best free pdf to word online converter

4. ConvertPdftoWord.net

best free pdf to word online converter

5. Pdf2Doc.com

best free pdf to word online converter

6. Pdfonline.com

best free pdf to word online converter


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