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Turn on Facebook Profile Picture Guard Mobile and Desktop

How To Turn On Profile Picture Guard On Facebook [Privacy]

Facebook has rolled out many privacy and security features to maintain your privacy on Social Media & also to secure your account from unwanted...
Print Secure or Password Protected PDF With Google Drive

How To Print Secure | Password Protected PDF File Using Google Drive

An Author if want can restrict its users to alter their PDF files. To secure PDF file, they may add Password protection or Print...
SnapMail Send Self Destructive Text Mails On GMAIL [2017]

SnapMail : Send Self Destructive Text Mails On GMAIL

GMAIL a Google Product, one of the Best Email services. Once you send an e-Mail, you can not control it. Have you ever think...
How to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

How to Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers – Must USE

Facebook has added more security features to keep your account safe/secure from unauthorized access or from Hackers. But, we are not aware of all...