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Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

How To Read WhatsApp Message Deleted Using “Delete for Everyone” [2 Methods]

WhatsApp has recently rolled out "Delete for Everyone" feature, which allows its users to delete or recall the sent message in individual/Group Chat within...
Pin & UnPin WhatsApp Chat On AndroidiPhone

How to Pin | UnPin WhatsApp Chat on Android/iPhone

WhatsApp - the Most popular Chatting or messaging app all over the world for Mobile as well as Desktop Platforms. Generally, we have many...
Send blank message on whatsapp

2 Simple Ways To Send Blank Message On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most instant chattings & messaging apps used Worldwide. Recently, WhatsApp has launched its feature of Recalling Sent Message from...
how to message on facebook without messenger

Best Way To Send Message On Facebook Without Messenger [Android/iPhone]

Facebook is mostly used on the Smartphones like on Android, Windows or iOS devices. For messaging & chatting in Smartphone devices Facebook has made...
How To Find Archived Messages on WhatsApp

How To Find Archived (Hidden) Messages On WhatsApp

We all use WhatsApp for Chatting & Messaging purpose. But, Do we know all its other awesome features? For Example, Hiding or Archiving Chat...