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Deactivate your facebook account

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Want a break from Facebook? Facebook allows you to suspend or deactivate your account temporarily. The link to deactivate your account is not easily...
HOW TO Run Operate Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

How To Run Multiple WhatsApp on Android/iPhone WITHOUT ROOT

WhatsApp has become most popular messaging app nowadays. Its billion of users shows its popularity all over the world. It is a Free Messaging...
disconnect facebook from instagram

How To Disconnect Facebook From Instagram In Seconds

Want to disconnect Facebook From Instagram? Instagram is one of best Photo & short Video sharing platform. Here you will a lot of features...
how to Export Friend Email Address From Facebook

How to Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends

We all have at least one Facebook Account with so many friends connected to it. With a lot of privacy feature, anyone is allowed...
logout facebook remotely

Log Out Facebook Account Remotely From All Devices [1-Click Trick]

Let's consider the situation, you have logged into your Facebook Account in your friend's device or in any Public system and you forgot to...