Have you ever thought of “posting a Voice Message” and “putting an Audio Comment” on Facebook ???

We can share our feeling by Posting a Text Message or by uploading Photos & Videos. But still, we can not post a Voice message to share our feelings and nor we can put an Audio comment on any others post.  

In this article, we will tell you how this can be done. So Let’s take a look what we are gonna discuss here:

1. Watch Complete Live Video Tutorial
2. How To Post Voice Message & Audio Comment on Facebook 

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To perform this task, we will use a website: Chirbit. Chirbit is an Audio Sharing Platform, where you can record your voice and upload your Audio file, that can be shared on Social Media or any other website. Let’s See the step-by-step procedure:
Step 1. Visit: Chirbit and create your free account using any of your Email-id and Login to your account.
Step 2: Once you Login, you will get “Record” Button on the Home Page. Just click on it. A new window will be opened as shown in Image No.6 of below GIF Image.
Step 3: Now, it will ask you to allow it to get access to Microphone & Camera for the recording of your audio. So, allow it.
Step 4: Click on “Red Button” to start recording of your voice. You can record your voice up to 5 Minutes.
Step 5: Click on “Stop Button” to stop the recording. You can Pause & Play your recording by click on on their buttons as shown in Image no. 7 of below GIF Image.
Post a Voice Message & Audio Comment on Facebook 
Step 6: Once you have recorded your Voice, Enter Detail in “Title”, “Tags” and “Type” field and click on Submit Button. It will show you a message that “Your Chirbit is created”. Now, Close this window.
Step 7: On the top-left of the Home page, click on “Feed” Icon as shown in Image no. 9 of below GIF Image.
Step 8: Now, you can see all your recorded voice message. For any voice message, you can do a various task like: edit your chirbit, Add Transcription, Add Image to your Chirbit, Delete it etc. 
Step 9: Here we are adding an Image to our Chirbit as shown in Image no. 10 & 11 below:
Post a Voice Message & Audio Comment on Facebook 
Step 10: Click on “Share Icon” to share this recorded message to Facebook or Twitter or any other website. You can share this chirbit on Facebook by just clicking on Facebook Icon or by copying-pasting the URL of this Chirbit as shown in Image no.12 to 14
Step 11: We clicked on Facebook Icon to share it and click on “Post to Facebook” Button. Now, this recorded message is posted on your Facebook profile.
Step 12: Just Click on Play icon on your post — > again click on Play icon inside it –> Last time, click on Play Icon. Finally, your recorded message can listen on your facebook profile. 
Post a Voice Message & Audio Comment on Facebook 
Step 13: By copying and pasting the URL of your audio message, you can put an Audio comment on any other post.
Note: There are many such Audio Sharing websites available where you can record your message but to listen to your voice message, your friends have to to go another website where you have recorded. While in this, it will embed your Voice message on Facebook and can be listened here without going to anywhere else. 

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