Every Instagrammer wants to maintain some privacy on their Instagram account. for ex: Instagram user wants to hide their followers & following list on Instagram so that no one can view it. Whenever anyone visits your Instagram profile, they can easily see your account details, especially all yours ‘followers’ & ‘following’. Is there any way to hide your followers on Instagram?

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Instagram officially does not give you such an option to hide your followers from others. Also, there is no such third party app available through which you can hide your followers on Instagram. But still, there are some ways around to hide your followers or following. Let’s see in detail what are those possible and working solutions.

How to Hide My Followers & Following on Instagram

Your Instagram profile always display the number of followers & followings on your account. Further, anyone by simply tapping or clicking on that, can view the complete list of followers & followings. However, there are 2 ways through which you can control who may view your Instagram Followers & Followings:-

Solution #1. Control Visibility of your Instagram Profile

You can control the visibility of your Instagram profile by setting your profile as ‘Private’. By settings, your account ‘Private’, your post and full profile details will only be visible to your approved followers. So no outsider can view your follower & following list. 

Follow the steps to set your profile as ‘Private’:-

Step 1: Open your Instagram account  –> tap on the ‘profile’ tab from the bottom bar on IG App.

Step 2: Now tap on‘ (iPhone) or ‘‘ (Android)  from the top right of the screen.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap the toggle next to ‘Private Account’ to set it ‘ON’.

how to make Instagram Private and hide my followers on Instagram

Now, only your approved followers can view your followers and following list.

But, what if someone is already following yours before making your account as ‘Private’? Here comes our Solution #2.

Solution #2. Block User from your IG profile

As explained above, now only approved followers can view your profile details including followers & following list. If you want to hide your Instagram followers from any of the followers too, then there is an only option for this: Just ‘Block’ that follower.

Read here detailed guide: How To Block or Unblock Someone on Instagram

We have already explained in detail, how you can block or unblock someone on Instagram. Just refer above guide and refer to the Image given below:-

how to Block someone on Instagram iPhone Android

That’s It. These are only possible solutions (making your account private & blocking your followers) you can do on your end to hide your followers on Instagram. Do it & Enjoy 🙂

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