Torrent Everybody aware of the “Torrent”, where you will get all types of files e.g. Videos, Movies, Music, Image etc. and can download all in FREE. We generally use torrent clients like Utorrent, BitTorrent etc. to download torrent files.

Do you Know?

The speed of any torrent depends on its Seeds & Peers. If any torrent file doesn’t have required seeds & peers than it may slow the speed of downloading apart from your Internet Speed.

There are various online torrent Clients available which allows you to download torrent files using any Download Manager like IDM. Every computer user must have used any Download Manager to get the higher downloading speed. Online Torrent Clients do Cache of your torrent file on their server and then allow you to download the same with your favorite Download Manager.

Disclaimer & Warning: This article is only for educational purpose. This article doesn’t promote the use of Torrent Websites to download any material. If you break or violate any Law, our website and author will not be responsible for any actions taken against you.

Here we will discuss, Top 3 Best Torrent Client:


Download Torrent File With IDM, another beautiful website for downloading torrent files. In this you have to create an account, using which you can access your files anywhere and anytime from any device like Computer, smartphone or tablet.You can also stream your files online using your account.

Its also have a Simple user interface like Zbigz and easy to use. Let’s look at the simple steps to download torrent files:

Step 1. Click here to Visit:

Step 2. Click on Create an Account Button, as shown in Image no. 2 of below GIF Image and create an account using Email Id. You will get an Activation Link on your Email-id, just go to that one and activate it.

Step 3. In Free version of this website, there are also some limitation, restrictions, like only 1 torrent File per day of max size 1 GB. But there is no limitation on the Downloading Speed.

Download Torrent File With IDM

Step 4. Now, after the activation, you can add “Torrent Link” or “Upload torrent from PC”, as shown in Image no. 6 of Gif Image. Add torrent file using any option and Click on “Add My First Torrent” button.

Step 5. Now, It will verify the torrent file & size of the torrent. Then click on “Download to my cloud” button as shown in Image no.9.

Step 6. It will process your torrent file and in few seconds & minutes, it will allow you to download your torrent file as “Zip”. Download it using your favourite download manager without speed restriction.

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