Mute Friends With Facebook Snooze Feature

Facebook’s New Snooze Button Lets You Mute Annoying Friends

Facebook recently rolled out a new awesome feature of "Snooze" globally for all platforms & devices. Using this feature facebook gave you freedom to...
Export Friends' Email Address From Facebook

How to Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends

We all have at least one Facebook Account with so many friends connected to it. With a lot of privacy feature, anyone is allowed...
logout facebook remotely

Log Out Facebook Account Remotely From All Devices [1-Click Trick]

Let's consider the situation, you have logged into your Facebook Account in your friend's device or in any Public system and you forgot to...
how to message on facebook without messenger

Best Way To Send Message On Facebook Without Messenger [Android/iPhone]

Facebook is mostly used on the Smartphones like on Android, Windows or iOS devices. For messaging & chatting in Smartphone devices Facebook has made...
How To Make Use Single Name on Facebook Profile

How To Make Single Name on Facebook 2017

Facebook Have you ever thought, about having Single Name on Facebook Profile/account? Yes, looking different from others, what's everybody wants. So why not you should...
Turn Off Facebook Video Autoplay

How To Turn off Facebook Autoplay Videos on PC and Mobile

Whenever things occur automatically without your permission, you may or may not like them. Similar, When you are scrolling through your Facebook account and...
facebook text formatting

How To Do Text Formatting in Facebook Post

Facebook Post Text Formatting is not allowed. However, Facebook allows you to Add Background Colour in Facebook Post. Using Text Formatting, we can make...

How To Post Voice Message and Audio Comment On FACEBOOK

Facebook Have you ever thought of "posting a Voice Message" and "putting an Audio Comment" on Facebook ???   We can share our feeling by Posting a Text...
How to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

How to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers – Must USE

Facebook has added more security features to keep your account safe/secure from unauthorized access or from Hackers. But, we are not aware of all...
How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limit

How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limit

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking Websites. To keep it, more Genuine & having Genuine people over it, Facebook has updated...

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